Create connection: be the glue that supports your team

From a business perspective, if a company is to perform well, its team members need to feel included

One of my passions is helping people to create connection. Whether it’s in my role as an ikigai-centered ADHD coach or as an Intercultural and Inclusion coach. I strive to demonstrate that it’s our differences that make us stronger as a team. From a business perspective, if a company is to perform well, its team members need to feel included. My aim is to help teams accept and embrace the differences that they may have within them. Then leverage those differences for a more dynamic, effective, and productive working environment. Because when we feel seen, heard, and valued we can achieve so much more. 

three women sitting at the tableFrom a business perspective, if a company is to perform well, its employees need to feel included. 

My modus operandi is to help organizations become self-aware of their identities, their biases, and those potential limiting beliefs that might be impeding optimal working systems. Biases are a normal and natural part of the human condition. Therefore by working on where they come from or just by recognizing that they’re there, it’s possible to shift one’s perspective about how we see others. Through a series of exercises and workshops, and through a willingness to be vulnerable and challenge long-held beliefs and systems, we’re able to build bridges between differing ways of understanding, allowing us to accept them. And celebrate them!


One of my roles includes teaching in IE’s Executive Education Program, where I facilitate intercultural communication seminars for young, emerging executives in Latin America. Furthermore, I introduce students from IE Business School’s Masters in Management to the idea of leveraging of diversity and inclusion. And, also through the IE Business School, I offer a course through Coursera on Diversity with Inclusion in Organizations  

The course draws on Dr. Kathryn Sorrell’s insightful Intercultural Praxis Model

This course, which I co-teach with Itziar Vizcaino Toscano, draws on Dr. Kathryn Sorrell’s insightful Intercultural Praxis Model, which is based on the six “ports of entry” of Inquiry, Framing, Positioning, Dialogue, Reflection, and Action. 


My own personal experiences have led me to work within the niches of ADHD coaching and inclusion facilitation and coaching. And I’m more and more struck by how all these areas are related – although at first glance they may seem quite different. The Intercultural Praxis Model is a great demonstration of this. From its recommendation to reflect on your own identity and experiences to working out how they have shaped you, through to its focus on framing. Because intentional framing is all about zooming out from your individual experience and shifting your perspective. This helps you to see what relations of power are at play in certain situations. My course uses Dr Sorrell’s insights to help companies build bridges and create connection within their teams.

man standing behind flat screen computer monitorBe the glue that supports your team’s connection.

Another common thread that runs through my coaching and inclusion facilitation is my training as an ikigai facilitator. The strategies I’ve learned as an ikigai coach and an ADHD parent coach are so powerful and widely applicable that they can be applied just as effectively for parents with neurodivergent kids as for companies navigating challenging dynamics. As a matter of fact, I’ve currently taken on clients from the US, Hong Kong, and Turkey who are relocating to Spain. And I’ll be using the ikigai concept, along with ADHD parent coaching practices, to really support these families adapt to a new culture. Furthermore I’ll help the process be as smooth as possible by leaning into their values, identifying and fulfilling their roles. So this will help to create connection with their community at home and their community in their new destination. 


Bottom line, creating connection is a beautiful and worthwhile goal. Helping people see differences as desirable and valuable rather than a source of friction can bring about remarkable benefits. Book a discovery call today to find out how your company can benefit from my intercultural coaching sessions. Be the glue that supports your team’s connection.

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