Why new US guidelines around ADHD diagnosis in adults could be a game-changer.

The debut draft is slated for 2024—a potential game-changer for adult ADHD care

Ah, the thrilling world of ADHD diagnosis and the creepy trend of clinics profiteering from mental health woes—topics I've written quite a bit about lately. But wait, there's a glimmer of hope! The American Professional Society of ADHD and Related Disorders (APSARD) has commissioned a task force to create the first-ever guidelines for adult ADHD assessment and treatment.

The debut draft is slated for 2024—a potential game-changer for adult ADHD care. It's like a helpful roadmap for practitioners, shedding light on those adult symptoms that can be tricky to diagnose, especially considering common co-existing conditions like anxiety and depression.

How the new guidelines could help women with ADHD

Let's celebrate how this will positively impact women!  I've written before about how ADHD can go unnoticed or gets mistaken for a single diagnosis of anxiety or depression. Will these guidelines consider throwing in hormonal testing for the fun of it? Who knows! But it may be worth considering if the symptoms are due to ADHD, perimenopause, or a combination of both.

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Ensure the medication that is prescribed doesn't interact with anything you're already taking

These guidelines come equipped with a list of adult-approved medications and other treatments to improve their quality of life. It also offers a push to team up with primary care and other healthcare providers to mitigate the risks and benefits of ADHD meds for adults who live with other medical issues.

The huge societal impact of undiagnosed ADHD

Let's not forget the societal impact of not receiving a needed ADHD diagnosis—it's a recipe for disaster, folks. Think lower educational achievements, an increased risk of unemployment, financial instability, higher rates of divorce, and increased risky behaviors.

And for those already with an ADHD diagnosis - perhaps newly-diagnosed or still struggling with symptoms: specialized coaching! Who doesn't love a personal cheerleader guiding you through the ADHD rollercoaster? Reach out today, and let's discover your personalized action plan tailored to you. Reach out today if you want to discover more. 

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