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"I want to express my gratitude and also promote her, although there are several life coaches out there. She is the only one I have found who really understands how much coaching can help.

"I learned that through books and lately with my ADHD Life Coach, Ariadne Maria Ferro, who really supported me in discovering what I was not aware of. Sometimes professionals are there for that when you get stuck, and even if you read all the books in the world or use the AI Chatbot on, it will never replace a professional when it comes to something essential."

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I have to say I have been to many ADHD coaches and Ariadne is one of a kind. I felt she really invested time on me and exposed me to new tools to help me with my ADHD that nobody ever told me about. I will be back for more sessions! Thanks for your kindness and your help. 



"Thanks so much for everything you are helping me with I feel like I have so much hope and that yo​u are helping me supercharge my progress. I am truly grateful for your help, it has made such a big difference."


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"This proactive, action-oriented approach was a game changer for me.

"I had the opportunity to meet Ariadne Maria Ferro, a coach specialising in ADHD. This chance meeting marked the beginning of a new and captivating chapter in my personal journey."


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"Working with Ariadne helped me increase my productivity and motivation. I learned how to identify my setbacks to productivity and create more realistic expectations for myself, while honoring my unique way of doing things. It was also a pleasure working with Ariadne! She truly understands ADHD. She was empathetic, responsive, and always enthusiastic. I highly recommend her as a coach and look forward to working with her again, whenever I need support."


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