ADHD coaching

I'm a trained coach who specializes in helping women with executive function challenges find self-awareness and self-acceptance and build a toolbox that will help you thrive.

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ADHD Programs

Do you often find yourself easily distracted or have difficulty maintaining focus on important tasks?

Do you struggle with getting organized and managing your time effectively in both your professional and personal life?

Do you feel like you are not living up to your potential due to lack of motivation or follow-through?

Do you sometimes feel impulsive and make decisions without careful consideration?

Do you have difficulty saying "no" and end up feeling overwhelmed?

Has your strong reaction to rejection or your intensity led you to experience moments of low self-esteem? Has this negatively impacted your professional or personal relationships?

I can help you!

The programs below are offered in Spanish or English.

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University students 

University students with lagging executive function need tools to adapt to the autonomy of adult life. 

Working with a specialized coach will help you obtain these tools and learn to use them effectively.

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Coaching for women

Are you a professional striving for excellence in your career? Are you struggling to balance your personal and professional lives due to the challenges of ADHD?

If you are ready to understand yourself better and begin to manage your executive function difficulties, our coaching program is for you.

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